Do You Ever Wonder What Is A Scorpio Moon In Astrology?

a moonDo you have a friend, family member, or co-worker that is into astrology? Have they ever told you that you have a Scorpio moon? If so, then you may well be wondering what this is all about and what it actually means.

Your sun sign is a description of any qualities you’re learning to develop, enhance, and become, but a moon sign is a description of who you actually are already on a deeper level. It describes your emotional and instinctive nature. This is the side of you that is often hidden to others without them realizing it.

The Meaning Of A Scorpio Moon

Overall Meaning Of A Moon Sign

Your moon sign covers your innate reactions, as well as what things you usually need for feelings of comfort and security. Knowing it lets you know your intuitive, genetic, and emotional makeup.

Scorpio is a particularly interesting sign for several reasons and is considered to be the most powerful sign in the zodiac by many astrologers. This is largely because of their extreme tendencies to be the best at what they do and their innate capabilities of regeneration and the ability to bounce back quickly after pretty much any setback. However, on the more negative side, unevolved Scorpio men can tend to be scoundrels and unrefined Scorpio women can be manipulative and destructive. You can find out more about Scorpio men here

The Scorpio Moon

If you were born with a Scorpio moon, then you are probably someone who is loyal, yet sensitive. You also have emotional needs that are often intense. Scorpio, as you may or may not know, is a water sign. So, it relates to the spiritual, psychological, and emotional dimensions of your life. The sign of Scorpio is deeply emotional. You likely give others impressions of being transformational, powerful, and perceptive.

the scorpio sign

A Fixed Sign

Scorpio is also considered a fixed sign. That implies that when your emotions are aligned with something you want, whether it’s the desired outcome or a relationship, then you are consistent, persistent, and unable to let it go. You find that emotional wellness is a result of close, truthful connections with other people. You enjoy exploring the depths of life. You crave intimacy in relationships, and you expect loyalty in exchange.

The Nature Of A Scorpio Moon

Your nature is one of depth and sensitivity. As such, when you are exposed to emotional stimuli, you’re likely to have intense reactions. Scorpio is not generally considered to be an easy place for the moon. In fact, the moon is often thought to be in her ‘fall’ when here, which implies particular difficulties surrounding the expression of emotional or lunary qualities.

Given the qualities of your various emotions, particularly their potential power and strength, they can very intense, at points even overwhelming. Your early life might find you swinging between extreme emotions. You might look back on it and recall a rollercoaster of memories going through emotional peaks and valleys.

You likely feel every aspect of your life rather acutely. You are going to do better in life if you can avoid collapsing into your many emotions so watch out for this. It’s also wise to avoid acting on every emotion just because it has intensity. A core aspect of your Scorpio moon nature is learning to let stronger feelings flow to you and through you, without letting them overwhelm you. Here is a great article about how to deal with emotional overwhelm. If you have a Scorpio moon then you will most likely benefit form this article.

Here is more information on the Scorpio moon.

If this describes you then it’s highly likely you are born under a Scorpio moon. Use your qualities and characteristics wisely to get the most out of life.

To find out for sure you can check out this moon calculator to be precise.