The Importance Of Understanding Your Astrology Birth Chart

There are many people who have an interest in astrology, yet some of them are unaware of the importance of a birth chart.

While knowing your astrological sign is one of the keys to knowing who you are, knowing the three signs in your natal chart are all essential as well.

The Important Aspects Of The Birth Chart

Your Sun Sign

This is the part of your chart that defines who you actually are as a person. It does not refer to who you strive to be when others are looking. It is the unconscious essence of your being. This part of your chart is found by focusing on the day of the month you were born on. This is what makes people very different individuals, even when they are born under the same star sign as others they know.

For example, if you are born on the 2nd day of November then your sun sign is Scorpio. If you are born on 12th April then your sun sign would be Aries. This is the most easily recognizable part of your birth chart and the part that most people will know what they correspond to, even if they have little or no knowledge of astrology.

Your Ascendant or Rising Sign

When you first meet someone, then for most people, there is a particular aura you like to give off. This is how you would like others to see you and what you choose to show to the world. This is usually denoted by your ascendant sign. Basically, this is the mask that you have on when you meet someone. As they get to know you, it gradually comes off.

This can often be complicated since who you are and people’s perception of you is not always the same. This can be really confusing, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

Your Moon Sign

This is who you really are deep down. For most people, it is the part of themselves that most people never get an opportunity to see. It is the backbone of who you are and what drives you to be that individual. Understanding who this person is will mean that you will actually have a grasp on self-awareness. Many people never get this so it can be super important to find out. If you know your own moon sign you will understand yourself on a much deeper level. If you know the moon sign of your significant other then you will likely be able to create a much deeper and long-lasting connection with them.

Knowing who you are can be revealed by astrology, but only if you take the time to understand each of your star signs and what they mean. Unlocking your birth chart is the first stop on the road to self-discovery. From here a whole new world opens up to you. Knowing this information you will be much more likely to make wise choices for your future going forward. You will also start to see clearly why you made certain choices in the past.

Here is a useful video giving you a further insight into reading the birth chart.

Clarity is a fine thing and it can certainly come with understanding your astrological chart. If you want to get a birth chart you can get a free one here.