How To Use The Law Of Attraction With Astrology

How You Can Use Astrology To Help The Law Of Attraction & Help Create Good Relationships In Your Life

people praying in a fieldWe all want better things out of life. From more money to better relationships, a deeper loving connection with our spouse, more money and, of course, we all want good health. As the saying goes, “no health, no wealth!”

One way to do this is to use the law of attraction to our advantage, set an intention and start to manifest things in our lives. This is basically manifesting what you want and getting it on your own terms.

Many people believe that this is simply not possible. However, a lot of people, even note-worthy people, including politicians,  celebrities and even royalty have found that this is absolutely true.

Quantum physics also points to this being possible by the use of one’s mind and feelings. With all that said, adding astrology to the law of attraction can help you create the things you want in your life.

Astrology’s part to play

Astrology has to do with the planetary alignment at your birth. Your sign is based on your birthday and we are each given a sun, moon and rising sign.

To get a good overview of what the sun, moon and rising signs are, see our article on the birth chart here.

Knowing your sign can help you learn more about yourself which will help when using the law of attraction. To find out what your sun, moon and rising signs are, check here.

You can use astrology cycles to know when the best time to ask for something might be, according to your unique chart. You can figure out when the best time will be to ask for better health, a new job or even a new relationship.

Using the signs this way will give you more power over your life and what you want to create. You just have to take the time to learn about them.

Astrology and romantic relationships

two lovers coming together through the law of attraction and astrology in a stary skyAnother thing that’s fascinating about astrology is that you can check your horoscope and the planetary alignments to see when you will be particularly more attractive to the opposite sex.

Furthermore, you can also investigate the zodiac signs of others to see specifically what they like and how to attract them into your life.

A good example is of this is outlined in this article at Scorpio Men. This article is particularly about the sign of Scorpio. However, with a little more research you can also find out the information you need to attract any zodiac sign with a little research.

Couple this with the law of attraction and manifestation and you have a very powerful recipe.

If you are interested in this type of law of attraction, you should study the astrological signs so you can understand them fully.

Through that understanding, you will be better at creating what you want and need in your life. Although it seems like a lot of work, the time you put into it will help you achieve your goals much more quickly and easily.

I find the best way to approach this is to view it as a way of life, and, therefore, fully embrace the astrological discipline. Full immersion in this way will give a person the depth of knowledge they need in order to truly be able to apply the concepts properly.

Talking to others

Talking to someone who has used astrology with the law of attraction can be the best idea for understanding how everything works and to make sure you get started in the right direction.

They can walk you through what they did and how they were able to use this method in their own lives. Hearing from others who have done this will help guide you in the right direction and put you in the best state of mind for manifesting what you want out of your life.

There are many great and note-worthy astrologers out there who claim to have used this law for their own benefit and for the help of others. There are even astrologers who teach this method.

You can look on YouTube for some good astrologers as many of them have free videos that you can watch. However, I was quite impressed with Gracie, now known as Estelle as she often talks about astrology and the law of attraction, mostly for help with people’s career, however, she does also talk about love and romance as well when it is relevant.

As mentioned above, Gracie has a big presence on YouTube and you can visit her channel or check her out on her website here.

Here is a very interesting video on the law of attraction and astrology from Abraham Hicks.