The Ruling Planets

Venus Rules Libra

Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty, is associated with the power of love, the power of attraction, cohesion, and the power of quiet, gentle persuasion. It stimulates the desire to be sociable.

Libra, the sign of harmony, has a strong Venus influence that has a mellowing effect. The Venus nature is more than gentle—it is graceful and tactful.

The symbol of Venus is the circle of spirit over the cross of matter. This represents the spirit overcoming matter through love.

Moon: Ruler of Cancer

The water sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon greatly influences the personality, the subconscious and the emotions, and molds instinctual behavior. The lunar influences are strongest when focused through the sign of Cancer where they are most easily expressed. When the Moon is in Cancer it is a time of intense emotions and great sensitivity. We may find ourselves responding to life through our emotions rather than reason. During this vulnerable period, be careful not to emotionally wound others or allow yourself to be wounded. Generally people will be easygoing, sentimental, passive, loving and nurturing. Unfortunately, this motherly expression of caring is often expressed with food and it is easy to overeat.

Cancer rules the breasts and the stomach. Cancer is a nurturing sign and the most fertile sign in the zodiac. With the Moon in Cancer, it is a good time for creating life and growth.

Mercury: Ruler of Gemini

Mercury represents the mind—the link between spirit and matter, between soul and personality. It is also the power of communication and interpretation. It is associated with speaking and writing, educational capacities, and manual skills. Qualities include being adaptable, intellectual, attentive, perceptive, clever, versatile, inconsistent, excitable, impressionable, nervous and prone to worry.

The symbol of Mercury is the crescent over the circle and the cross. It marks the receptivity of the soul through the exaltation of the spirit over matter.

Venus: Ruler of Taurus

The symbol of Venus is the circle of spirit over the cross of matter, representing the spirit overcoming matter through LOVE. The Venus influence has a mellowing effect. The nature is more gentile—it is graceful and tactful.

Venus is associated with the power of love, attraction, cohesion, and the power of quiet, gentle persuasion. It stimulates the desire to be sociable. Its influences include balancing, harmonizing and peacemaking. It is symbolic of affection attractiveness, sentiment, beauty, sympathy, romance, friendship, pleasure, art, manners, music festivities, values and aesthetics.

SUN: Ruler of Leo

Every corporation needs an executive director who makes the final decisions. The Sun is your Executive Director. The Sun in your chart is the core, your true self. Although each of the planets in your chart is important in its own right, they will "take the order," figuratively speaking, from the Sun.

Everyone's Sun has the same inner goal: to shine. The house your sun is in shows where you really want to go good; where you want to be appreciated and loved. Your Sun is your inner supply of pride and confidence, your identity. The Sun is you at your relative best, enjoying life to the fullest.

The Sun shows the focus of the moment, where the world's attention will be directed on that particular day. In the physical body, the Sun rules the heart, upper back, and circulatory system.

Neptune in Pisces

When Neptune enters Pisces on February  3rd we will begin a journey lasting about 15 years (2026) of heavy water energy.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune so the energy is going to be dramatic.  We can expect a kind of fluidity in our dealings with energy that is musically oriented.  It’s a soft flowing energy.  Pisces is a creative sign and Neptune is rather vaporous.  Things will seem slightly out of focus at times till we get used to the energy of Neptune.  It is hard to define a nebulous creation and often it will feel like we are out of touch with reality.  Neptune in its relationship to a person can create an illusion that feels like fear.  This is so because Neptune, the ultimate spiritual planet, desires that we transcend the human fear and trust in God for meeting our needs.  Neptune wants us to get a sense of purpose in our lives and direct that purpose to create our individual destiny, through our personal creative expression. The last time Neptune was in Pisces, oil was discovered in Pennsylvania.  The Civil War broke out over the issue of slavery.  Florence Nightingale showed her devotion to the sick during the Crimean War, beginning the art of Nursing.  We can look forward to more oil issues and discovery of alternate power sources. 

Clean water is going to become an important part of our thoughts and discoveries.  Neptune in Pisces will most likely bring more flooding, tsunamis, torrential rains and need I say more.  Earth changes have been coming and will continue to become more violent for the next coming years. Neptune also rules fantasy and glamour. There are virtual worlds on the internet and some folks are totally immersed in their fantasy lives and even more earn their living selling virtual products in this venue.  Glamour (the movie industry) is going to become more important.  The glamour industry of clothing, makeup, styling of everything will become a stable for many.  Neptune is illusory and mysterious so be prepared for interesting dynamics to occur during these very exciting times.   

VENUS: Director of Pleasure, Desire, and Finances

Venus Rules Libra

Venus spends her energy supplying you with your favorite people, places, and things. If you want chocolate, music, flannel sheets, or the coworker you've got a mad crush on, it's your Venus that tell you how to get it. Venus enjoys beauty and comfort. She shows how to attract what you love--especially people. When you're being charming, whether it's by using your manners or by adorning yourself, she's in charge of all behavior that is pleasing to others--social, chit-chat, smiles, hugs, and kisses. Whenever you're pleased, satisfied, or content enough to purr, it's your Venus who made you feel that way. Since money is one of the ways that you draw the objects we love to us, she's also in charge of finances.

Venus relates to your senses--sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound--the body receptors. After all, it is the senses that tell us what feels good and what doesn't. She responds to your desire for beautiful surroundings, comfortable clothing, and fine art.

MERCURY: Director of Communications

Mercury rules VIRGO

Each planet acts like the director of a department in a corporation. Mercury is the director of Communications.

Back when gods and goddesses were thought to be in charge of the affairs of humanity, Mercury shuttled messages between the gods and mortals. In today's world he's the computer, the telephone, and the, internet ... THE COMMUNICATION.  He's the internal computer that constantly feeds you data about the world. His position and house in your chart shows how you think and reason, and how you express yourself to others. Mercury represents the side of you living totally in the present.

When Mercury retrogrades, the lines of communication go haywire and become confused or are delayed. Letters are lost or end up in the car seat for several weeks. When a contract is signed during this time, you'll find out after the fact that the information was misleading or you didn't have the correct information. You try repeatedly to reach someone via phone but your phone breaks down. You drive to an appointment only to have left the directions at home. You're late for appointments for reasons out of your control. Mercury retrogrades approximately twice a year lasting for 25 or so days. We are at the end of a cycle right now and Mercury will station on August 6th.

Jupiter:  Ruler of Sagittarius

Jupiter heads the Department of Abundance and Growth. He's the side of you that's positive, optimistic, and generous. He's where you keep your supply of laughter, enthusiasm, and high spirits. It's Jupiter’s expansive, high-spirited energy that motivates you to travel, take classes, and meet new people. You'll have an extensive network of friends and associates. Jupiter is the side of you that will cause you to experience the "grass-is-greener" syndrome. The planet loves to make things bigger. In the body, Jupiter corresponds with the liver, and Jupiter also handles physical growth.

Saturn: Ruler of Capricorn

Saturn heads the Boundaries and Rules Department.  Locate Saturn in your chart (or call Pat  for this information) to find out where you’ll build walls to keep change out, where you may segregate yourself at times. This planet teaches you to respect elders, follow the rules and do things right the first time. Wherever Saturn is in your chart is a place where you’ll feel respectful, serious, and conservative.  You won’t expect something for nothing. Because this planet is so fond of boundaries, it’s also the planet in charge of organization, structures, and guidelines. Saturn correlates with the bones and the skin, those structures that hold your body together.

Astrological Aspects

Conjunction: Two planets in the same place. Union; merging.

Opposition: Two planets opposite each other. Opposition; relationship.

Square: Conflict; challenge for growth.

Trine: Easy, flowing connection.

Sextile: Flowing, high-energy connection.

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